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Offseason Wish Lists And Postseason Wishes For The Mets Fan In Your Life

Just when we thought we were going into our cocoon to emerge as a beautiful butterfly in November, we were dragged out for one last episode! Can't let the Yankees advance without giving our postseason picks for who's going to bring them down. Not that the season actually matters, but we'd be lying if we said we aren't rooting against the Yanks from getting their 27.5th rings. 

We break down the shitshow postseason schedule, which teams are contenders and which are pretenders and select their temporary teams to finish off the season. Also, the Mets wishlist keeps growing and with Lindor being added to the mix, we had to make some tough decisions on where the team is headed. Kills us to do it, but some fan favorites gotta be moved to make room for where we're headed and we gotta believe that the long term happiness will outweigh the short term sadness. Trust in the Cohen Effect and all will be rewarded.