Large Got A Puppy In What Was Essentially A Drug Deal, I Escaped A Near-Death Final Destination Moment, And Hard Factor Wes Gave Us Parenting Tips As A Former Reality TV Star Dad

Hard Factor West was nice enough to join us on the pod to talk about life as a single dad as well as being a political podcaster at this crazy company in an even crazier politicized world. We then give updates from home, with Large getting his cute new puppy in a crazy exchange at an airport while I somehow shook off the grim reaper on my family's Final Destination Day before diving into some stories about a man who can no longer teach kindergarten because his tattooed eyes scared a kid as well a dad who propped a baby up to watch football at the ripe age of 1 day old. Large closes things out with an absolutely delightful bedtime story about his son Finn playing football for the first time.