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Week 4 Recap: The (Cow)Belle Of The Ball

OHHHHH BOY, do we have an episode for yall. 

Nightmare fuel. 

It was finally the first week that CFB felt like REALLY, REALLY back. From start to finish, it was an electric day of games. (and quotes).

Boy does it feel good to be back. 

See you on Thursday! 


0:00: Intro with a little bit of Cowbell!!! 

9:31: Brandon Walker recaps Mississippi State's victory over LSU. 

22:20: Is it time to remove Oklahoma as an elite program? Are they a fraud?! 

28:17: Kayce takes her anger out on Texas. 

32:07: We take a look around the SEC. 

38:10: Recap the rest of the games. 

44:06: A look into Week 5's schedule and it's top matchups. 

49:02: Which teams were we most right and most wrong about? 

53:34: Our winners of the weekend. 

1:03:58: Our losers of the weekend 

1:16:05: Hot takes from the Roughnecks! 

1:33:02: SHIT LIST!