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Umbrellas, Pills, Pirates, RBG, and Nate Fick

We went all over the place on the ol topics for today's episode. Don't miss the story of this British chap (no relation) who carried an umbrella and used it to disable a Nazi armored car...fuckin wild. Also, Nate Fick joined us, he's smart and handsome and you should listen to his interview.

ROUND 1: A British officer in World War 2 was forgetful as hell when crossing back into friendly territory. To make sure his fellow soldiers recognized him, he used an item that would leave SSgt Me triggered AF and maybe a little trigger happy 

ROUND 2: (robot voice) ‘Hello, it is me, your VA hospital pharmacist, and I am a ro-bot. If I am functioning correctly today you will get your pills.’ Yep! The VA is using what Kate is calling ‘pill robots’ now. 

ROUND 3: Shiver me timbers! Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhh… ya ready for a round about pirate flags on a Navy ship?! Well I hope you scallywags are because the poop deck is swabbed and we’re underway. 

ROUND 4: Did you know that before the 1970s women got kicked out of the military for getting pregnant? We’ll talk about the late, great Ruth Bader Ginsburg, how she changed that for our service members and how in general, men are big dum dummy faces. 

ROUND 5: Nate Fick Interview