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Uncle Stevie Is Coming And He’s Bringing Sandy Alderson With Him

You can put the 2020 season of We Gotta Believe in the books! A corona shortened year that gave us 2 managers, a missing and presumed dead player, countless injuries/opt outs and a disappointing finish, but at the end of the day we got what we always wanted. Not a World Series title, but a new big time BILLIONAIRE owner. 

We said it right from the start, this season was fraudulent anyway. We had our sights set on one goal and one goal only and that was running the Wilpons out of town. Free at last, free at last, thank Uncle Stevie because we are free at last. Despite not getting MLB owners' approval to take over the team yet, Steve Cohen has been busy behind the scenes putting together a team that we can one day be proud of. 

His first order of business? Bringing back the baseball maverick to be our new Mets President. This won't be the Sandy Alderson that you remember, this will be so much more. Granted the power to build the franchise the way that he always envisioned, we'll be getting the baseball mind that put together our current core of players plus the means to build a front office and clubhouse around them for lasting success. 

We break down what we can expect in the years to come, the hangups they may have about bringing in someone from the past and how this new look Mets could change our outlook on baseball forever. The expectations couldn't be any higher, but we gotta believe in Uncle Stevie and trust that a man who amassed $14 billion knows what it takes to win at all costs.