The Dave Portnoy Show Is Back (And I Brought Eddie With Me)

The Dave Portnoy show is back.  People who have been wanting me to return to radio are getting what they asked for from this new podcast with our plump friend Eddie. From the original Power Hour, to the Dave Portnoy Show podcast, to Barstool Radio, and now back to the Dave Portnoy Show. This podcast will have a similar vibe to all of those shows. 

You want to hear the latest on office controversies?  Listen to The Dave Portnoy Show.  You want to hear me wonder what half the idiots we have actually do here?   Listen to The Dave Portnoy Show.  You want to hear my thoughts on Nate getting a radio show to himself? Listen to The Dave Portnoy Show.   You want to hear more about the behind-the-scenes business stuff?  Listen to The Dave Portnoy Show. We’ll cover all that and whatever else Eddie gets me going on. 

Episode 1 is now live talking about all the crazy shit I've had to deal with in 2020 - Penn Sale, sex tape (federal crime), The Daddy Gang, hating my employees and more.  

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