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21st and Prime - Episode 1: The Announcement

On the first episode of 21st & Prime—Deion & Jamie dive into a bevy of topics alongside NFL commissioner Roger Goodell & Cowboys mega owner Jerry Jones. Tune in for the historic announcement!

What an absolute DOOZY of a first-ever episode of a podcast. Roger Goodell would be an insane draw by itself, toss in Jerry Jones and potentially the biggest announcement of Deion Sanders' entire life? Come on. 

You have NFL commissioner Roger Goodell referring to himself in third person. Honestly cannot think of much more you can ask for.

Goodell provided some valuable insight to the NFL starting a season in the middle of a pandemic:

“You cannot get comfortable and on time, primetime, we cannot get comfortable.”

Nobody likes change. Coaches don’t like change. Going to the draft and telling them they have to do the draft from home, that call was rough…We had to be ready to do that because we didn’t know what the circumstances would be a few weeks later.”

“People wanted to delay free agency, people wanted to delay the draft, people wanted to delay everything and my mantra was ‘we have to stay on schedule and we need to be prepared to kick off.’ And we need to be prepared to do everything that’s necessary in the off season to get our teams in that place. The other thing was teamwork.”

Jerry Jones talked about his Cowboys origin story:

“When I bought the Cowboys they were losing 1 million dollars of cash a month. That’s what they were losing. I bought 15% of them from the federal government, they had been foreclosed on, they were then bought by the federal government. In addition to that, over 40% of control was going to the courthouse in about 10 days when I shook hands and agreed to buy them. The Cowboys weren’t working financially, but nobody else was working either. Sports in general was a hobby…The idea, the thought, the dream of just getting to be involved in the future of football was a dream.”