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A House Divided (+ Week 3 Recap)

Well... in case you missed it... the family had some MAJOR drama over the weekend. 

The #IStandWithJackMac wave hit and hit hard.

Brandon decided to wait until the red light came on to discuss with the family... and it was our most dramatic episode yet. 

But don't worry, we also talked football!!! We looked back at the weekend of games, looked ahead to the SEC and added to the shit list. And of course, took hot takes from the listeners. 

See you Thursday!


0:00 Intro 

1:30: Brandon Walker vs. Jack Mac….in an all out WAR. 

21:56: We finally talk about some FOOTBALL and break down the new Big Ten schedule. 

35:25: Look ahead to week 4. 

43:12: Winners and losers from the weekend. 

1:05:22: HOT TAKES from the Roughnecks. 

1:20:30: A SPECIAL shit list.