Hard Factor 9/21: RIP RBG, Trump's Ricin Package, Tropical Storm Beta

On today's episode... 

- We lost another great one this weekend. RIP Supreme Court Justice, women's rights icon/trailblazer and total Super Diva, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

- Some lunatic tried to send President Donald Trump a package with poison (ricin) in it. It was addressed to him, so surely it would make it straight to him, thought the crazy women who was arrested trying to enter the US border from Canada and is probably never going to see the light of day again

- Finally World Meteorological Organization – AKA the body that names storms woke up and is doing their part to combat the relentless assault of Tropical storms and Hurricanes hitting the south coast of the US by calling them insulting names. Right now Tropical storm Beta who is set to make land fall on the coast of Texas this evening.

- Nevada is becoming the new California. According to a piece written by Sean Taylor for the Nevada Independent who moved from LA to Vegas, just like 1 out of 5 of the current Nevada residents. With 20% of the state now recent transplants from the Golden state to the Silver state, the culture clashes are at a fever pitch.

- Yesterday morning a Manhattan Subway train derailed after a vandal who was said to be homeless and "laughing maniacally" after throwing metal clamps onto the tracks

- A tale as old as time out of Louisiana, where a young man with the Bama Swoop haircut has been arrested after being caught in his girl’s apartment with drugs, guns and get this an additional .25 caliber hand gun keistered up his yoo-hoo.

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