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Maria Taylor's Leather, Maya Moore's Marriage & Who's Keeping Kaepernick Out The League? (feat. Renee Montgomery) - 2Biggs

This week on 2Biggs, we got Jamie Dukes, Deion Sander's partner in crime and co-host of their new podcast "21st And Prime." After previewing their PRIMEcast, starting Monday, September 21st, Jaime and Willie debate the real reason Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job in the league.

Then, we were honored to have 2x WNBA Champion, Renee Montgomery. The former UCONN National Champion talks about her Player's Tribune piece and why she decided to opt-out of the 2020 season to focus on social justice reform. As one of the three WNBA players on the infamous “Kyrie Call” in June, Renee explains how a productive conversation among the best basketball players in the world turned into a feeding frenzy for trolls on Twitter. After giving the NBA an A- for their efforts bringing awareness to social justice issues, Renee admits to being underwhelmed by demonstrations from NFL players during Week 1.

Before the interviews, Willie and I discuss Maria Taylor’s Monday Night Football outfit. Willie comes at Pam Oliver's head, literally. We talk about the Los Angeles County Sheriff asking LeBron to match the reward money for the police shooting, and Jetski opens up about losing his father while he was in the line of duty. And we all give our take on Maya Moore marrying Jonathan Irons, the man she recently helped release from prison.

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