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Uncle Stevie Is Coming...Now What?

We're down to the final stretch of a lost season and our last remaining glimmer of hope for 2020 might be gone too. Jacob deGrom exited his last start with a hamstring spasm and with that, his chances at a Cy Young 3peat may be over. Normally Jake would just be hitting his stride, but in a shortened season, we may be running out of time. Entering the game as the favorite, deGrom had the league by the balls, but one bad start might be all it takes to lose to the likes of Trevor Bauer and Yu Darvish. It will take a Herculean effort and some luck, but if anyone can defy the odds it's Jake. 

We can't get too down though because the Uncle Stevie news is heating up! The deal has been finalized, he has operational control and recent reports indicate that we won't have to wait until November for our savior to come in and clean house. It's hard to be bitter looking down the barrel of $14 billion and we gotta believe that this off season will be the most exciting of our Mets lives! So strap in and get ready because Stevie is here and everything is as golden as a blazing bonfire that can be seen from the International Space Station.

Also the news that Jed Lowrie went home and essentially ended his Mets career broke after we recorded the pod, so we talked about it on our nightly pregame/postgame quickies presented by Coors Light. Here it is for anybody that misssed it.