Thanks for Coming Out Big 12 (+ Week 2 Reactions)

Week 2 (? 3? 1? idk) is officially in the books!

AND we're back at it again with two episodes a week! (and yelling about Oklahoma).

On this week's episode, we break down all the biggests headlines from the week's slate, call out the winners and the losers and bring back EVREYBODY'S favorite segment... the shit list. 

And boy, did we come out hot and heavy. You can tell we really missed it. Like.. really, really missed it.  

We'll see you on Thursday!


0:00: Intro 

6:30: Is the Big Ten back?

15:02: Recapping this weekend's games

22:02: Winners of week 2
37:00: Losers of week 2

1:11:26: THE SHIT LIST 

1:20:30: Hot takes from the Roughnecks!