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Presenting The Dime Package (+ Do We Believe Odell Actually Likes... Poop?)

As if we could ever have too much football content??

Introducing Barstool's newest podcast... The Dime Package with me and Fran. Every week, we'll be giving you the headlines on the field, spilling the tea off the field (hi, OBJ) and ranting about our respective teams. And yes, Fran has to deal with my multi-team/Brady obsession. We won't touch the X's and O's or gambling lines because you can find that on The Pro Football Football Show, PMT, the Pick 'Em Podcast, Going Deep and the million radio shows we have. We're here to talk NFL in a new way. 

Basically, we're combining football and pop culture, which is pretty much all we know. 

Oh and the episodes will be quickie style. 20-30 minutes so you can easily digest it on your commute, at the gym, while doing your makeup or whatever the hell else you do in 20-30 minutes. We are aiming to make it the quickest and easiest way to get your NFL news and gossip (although Dave thinks we'll hit the over on that very quickly). 

New episodes will drop every Monday and Thursday afternoons starting next Monday 09.14. 

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