Section 10 Podcast Ep. 349: Throbby D

We have come up with a nickname for Bobby Dalbec and need your thoughts on it immediately. Today we talk why Throbby D needs to relax with all these home runs, Jose Peraza getting optioned and why we should all be upset they didn't just re-sign Brock in the offseason, Yankees fans actually being in a much less desirable position than Red Sox fans right now, throw it back to our first ever experiences at Fenway Park to determine if we're old or not, praise Dennis Eckersley for being amazing calling games once again this year, which Red Sox player in their prime we would want to watch dominate for the rest of our lives, Fenway being way better than the other parks we visited when we were kids, what Benny can take away from his abysmal year, break down the rest of the Red Sox schedule this season and much more. Enjoy!