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We Gotta Believe #41: Talkin' Tom Terrific, A-Rod Crying About Uncle Stevie Snatching The Mets, And Pete Alonso's Walk-Off Bomb Against The Bronx Bombers

I know the description says this is technically episode 63 of We Gotta Believe. But when The Franchise of your franchise passes away, exceptions can be made. 

KFC is off in Cuncelina but Kyle and I jumped on to honor the late great Tom Seaver. 'The Franchise,' referred to by Vin Scully as the greatest right-handed pitcher he ever witnessed, passed away at 75 leaving behind a family and fan base with which he gave countless memories. Tom Terrific was an absolute force and one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the game. He holds virtually every Mets' pitching record, 3 Cy Youngs, a no-hitter and the Amazin' 69 World Series championship. It's tough to put into words just how great he was both on and off the field, but if the testimonies of everyone he came into contact with are any indication, he was both a Hall of Fame player and person. RIP to the great. 

We also recap the new additions to the team and the roles they have played thus far, the Cohen sale and A-Rod controversy surrounding the bid and drink the tears of Yankees' fans, compliments of a Pete Alonso FUCK BOMB to walk it off in extra innings. We may have ultimately split the season with the Yankees but, we gotta believe there was no sweeter way to go out then with a 9th inning implosion from your crosstown rivals.