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We FINALLY Get To Preview The Season


On today's episode we breakdown each conference's best team, most overvalued team, most undervalued team, and worst team. It felt so good to talk football (and yell at eachother).

Also PSA!!! Starting 09.13, we go back to two episodes a week (Monday and Thursday).

Other stuff on today's episode:
-Brandon loses his absolute shit (again)
-Discuss what the hell is going on with the Big Ten.
-Will LSU be able to field a team this year?
-Jack Mac...FIRED?
-Preview the week 1 schedule -Our plan for the season. -The CFB show is BACK! 

See you next Thursday! 


10:02: News from around the nation 

20:59: Best team, worst team, overvalued, and undervalued teams from each conference 

1:23:00: Roughnecks HONEST expectations for this season.