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Coast Guard Ruthlessly Attacks A Shark

You're a shark just minding your own business when a bunch of humans jump into your house so you go to check them out, make sure everything is okay, and then this happens,,,

,,,They fucking shoot at you! You just wanted to go check out that rad unicorn floatie and next thing you know you're dodging bullets because you don't want to get shot because it hurts. The nerve of these fucking people! 

But seriously, glad all these Coast Guardsmen were okay and nobody got attacked. A lot of people on the internet are mad that they shot at the shark. Like you'd let it bite you? Get the fuck outta here. 

Like that unicorn floatie, the rest of the episode is rad af and you should check it out.

ROUND 1: Adorable! The Army is okay-ing pushups/PT for minor infractions & Kate has a game to test our leadership skills with this new guidance 

ROUND 2: Holy shit, we’ve got a Coast Guard story that’s not about intercepting drug smugglers or rescuing boaters?!?!… Hear why one of their ships had to open fire during an open swim call out at sea! 

ROUND 3: A 1st Sgt in the Army’s combat aviation brigade has banned Cardi B music from their building calling it ‘trash’ and will only be playing 90s music from here on out… sheesh… we have to ask… (all of us --->) Tell us whyyyyy 

ROUND 4: Remember that huge fire aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard? Well a Navy sailor is currently being investigated for arson by NCIS. If they’re guilty then boyyy are they in for some crappy-shift firewatch. 

ROUND 5: Catch Me If You Can, Department of Homeland Security Edition! Donovan Nguyen (win) masqueraded as a federal agent for YEARS, pulling over motorists, obtaining guns & searching homes.