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Virtual Fire Drills, 2-Year-Olds Being Kicked Off Of Flights For Not Wearing A Mask, And How To Deal With A Wife DEMANDING That You Put A Baby Inside Of Her

You, The Reader/Listener: Nice GIFing, Clem!

Me: Thanks, reader/listener!

Anyway, our pal Large has officially struck out after his third attempted vacation during quarantine was cancelled, much to the chagrin of countless alpacas. Me and the big fella discuss the joys of vacation planning being better than the actual vacations, the weirdness of schools holding virtual fire drills as students remotely learn and the predicament of Jet Blue kicking a family off of flights because a 2 year old wouldn't wear a mask before answering mailbag questions about how to negotiate the tricky topic of when to try for a 2nd kid and dealing with being the parent who allowed your kid to potentially get hurt or lost or worse.