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Drafting The Worst Of The Worst Of Television With KB & Nick Of A New Untold Story

We did a draft with KB & Nick to pick the worst of the worst on television. From commercials to characters, to shows, and more. My pick for the worst show? HARDCORE. PAWN.

Fucking Les Gold and his stupid family. I hate this show so much. It's just a garbage show.

What is the worst TV commercial? Worst TV show? Character? Let us know below...

We also reviewed the new Netflix movie 'Project Power' on the podcast...

|| 0:00 – Bones and X-rated Property Brothers
|| 11:30 – Magic, stupid stunts, and going to class
|| 17:15 – Dank stuff!!!!! (skit)
|| 21:26 – Murder/Orient Express sequel looks… fine
|| 28:48 – New Space Jam 2 jerseys revealed
|| 32:05 – Olivia Wilde to do Spider-Man/Woman movie
|| 34:54 – First artwork, logos for The Batman
|| 39:02 – Ad Read #2
|| 40:04 – Enola Holmes trailer from Netflix
|| 43:24 – Hart, Will Smith Planes, Trains reboot
|| 1:21:05 – The Worst Draft: TV Edition

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