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Does The Movie 'Waiting...' Still Hold Up?

Better question, was this movie ever actually funny?

I say yes, but it was all dependent on when you saw it in your life. For me, I saw the movie in high school, it was a perfect time. All of these years later, it just doesn't hit the same. Most jokes fall flat and Ryan Reynold's character is rather irritating.

Do you still think 'Waiting...' is funny? Let us know below...

We also interviewed Ben McKenzie, and debate if 'Old School' or 'Wedding Crashers' is the better movie on the podcast...

|| 0:00 –
|| 0:10 – the Dane Cook Episode
|| 7:16 – Weird discussion on Paul McCartney
|| 16:13 – Ad Read #1
|| 17:46 – New De Niro shitty comedy movie
|| 21:42 – Aquaman 2 will have horror elements
|| 25:36 – Ad Read #2
|| 27:01 – Blumhouse releasing new movies on Amazon Prime
|| 33:41 – David Blaine back on his bullshit
|| 1:15:59 - Movie Trivia Battle, vol. IV

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