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Free Austin Tice

On August 14th, 2012, a young man and Marine veteran named Austin Tice was working as a freelance journalist reporting on the Syrian civil war when he was taken hostage by an unknown rebel group at a checkpoint as he was on his way to the airport in Damascus to leave the country.

Today, his family is still waiting for a phone call to learn their son is being returned to them. Despite multiple efforts from the Obama and Trump administrations he hasn't been located. A video sent five weeks after his capture shows him alive and that is the last his family has seen of him.

The family works tirelessly to bring their son home and you can help them. Visit their website to get more information. Just tweeting out #FreeAustinTice helps keep his name top of mind, also.

This man is a son, a brother, an American and a Marine and he belongs back home. 

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