50 Shades of WAP (feat. Selenis Leyva)

This week on 2Biggs, Willie and I are joined by award-winning actress Selenis Leyva. Most commonly known for her role as Gloria in Orange Is The New Black, Selenis talks about what it was like working on Netflix’s longest-running series.

From Law and Order: SVU to The Sopranos to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the Bronx native talks about the struggles she’s faced finding success as an Afro-Latina actress. Selenis is currently starring in Gina Rodriguez’s new series, “Diary of a Future President” streaming now on Disney+.

Selenis opens up to talk about her new book, "My Sister: How One Sibling's Transition Changed Us Both" This memoir that Selenis Leyva co-wrote with her sister, details the struggles their family went through during her sister’s transition and how from an early age, she knew there was something different about her baby brother.

Before the interview Willie, Jetski, and I debate whether or not New York City is the Devil, Willie talks about Meg Thee Stallion's toes and Cardi’s B’s dick and vagina rhymes. "We got to give Cardi B a round of applause."

On the CFB front, Willie asks me if I would let my son play College Football during the pandemic. I say "Yes" and propose the NCAA strip away the amateurism title and get these athletes paid and in a bubble ASAP.

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