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Hard Factor 8/12: Russian "Sputnik V" Vaccine, A Religion Based on Booze, and John McAfee in Panty-Face

On today's episode...

- Vladimir Putin has fast tracked the "Sputnik V" coronavirus vaccine for use in Russia before it's completed all phases of clinical trials... what could go wrong?

- Governor Cuomo in NY is allegedly under-reporting coronavirus deaths at nursing homes in an attempt to make performance look better

- An insane man in Indiana tortured his neighbor with racist displays for weeks after the neighbor cut down a tree the man liked to look at over the fence

- John McAfee is being arrested in undisclosed locations for refusing to replace the panties on his face with a proper face-mask, only to flee to "Belarus" in the end

- A church in South Africa called "Gabola" specializes in letting people get hammered on liquor to praise God together. It's mandatory to take shots before entering the praising grounds

- Shirt makers in Britain are in hot water for an insensitive design choice, Fast Radio Burst (FRBs) are going off closer to earth than ever before… and Voicemails/5-Star Reviews

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