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The Disrespect For Nickelback Has Gone On Too Long

We got to talking about musicians and bands that receive too much hate, and Nickelback came up in the discussion. Are they a great band? No, but they're massive, people do like them, and yet they're treated like a complete joke.

I'm not sitting here saying they should be hailed as music greatness, but they catch too many stray shots! What would've happened with the original Spider-Man movies had Chad and co. not been there?

Are they unfairly destroyed on the internet? Let us know your thoughts down below...

We also interviewed Robert Sheehan from 'Umbrella Academy' and reviewed 'An American Pickle' on the podcast...

|| 0:00 - Disrespected musical artists
|| 11:45 - Ad Read #1
|| 13:00 - John Wick Chapter 5 already confirmed
|| 18:13 - Captain Marvel 2 gets new director
|| 23:08 - Golding says GI Joe spin-off is awesome
|| 26:18 - Ad Read #2
|| 27:42 - Jared Leto to play Andy Warhol
|| 30:29 - James Wan doing Knight Rider reboot
|| 37:17 - ROBERT SHEEHAN (Umbrella Academy) INTERVIEW
|| 1:22:05 - Movie Trivia Battle, vol. 003

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