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What Happened in Beirut?

The footage out of Beirut is absolutely fucking nuts.

I've been near big explosions and I talk about one in the podcast, and the concussion is just impossible to explain. You gotta listen to the show to find out what happens, though, no free ads or something like that.

Seeing how far the shockwave traveled in Beirut is incredible, they found debris over two miles away. I can't even imagine what people near the blast felt. 

The rest of the show is a little lighter and Cons even fucked up reading while making fun of Marines for being illiterate and then completely missed a very obvious movie reference. You hate to see it. 

ROUND 1: A Court Ruled Against a Soldier Who Says He Was Forced to Retire Due to Religious Beliefs, but we must ask… Is being an asshole really a religion? 

ROUND 2: A pair of explosions, the second much bigger than the first, struck the city of Beirut early Tuesday evening, killing at least 100 people, wounding more than 4,000 and causing widespread damage. We’ll go over the who, what, when, where & why. 

ROUND 3: U up? “Well they can’t see you - get down! Booty calls on hold, for the love of God!” That’s the message to troops in Japan right now as COVID puts a damper on sweet, sweet lovin’ out there. 

ROUND 4: Cue the eyerolls from Kate - because someone has finally made edible crayons specifically for Marines to eat. 

ROUND 5: Novelist Brad Thor joins the show to talk about his weird brain, war games, and how he keeps the ideas fresh and realistic. 

ROUND 6: A sailor terribly harassed for years after being labelled a Blue Falcon has finally been exonerated after the Navy corrected a story. Long overdue!