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Hard Factor 8/7: Florida Man Friday - Episode Number 500

On today's 500th episode, which happens to be an extra beefy Florida Man Friday:

- A drunk man was arrested walking down the highway with gun in one arm and beer in the other. He was pointing the Smith and Wesson revolver at cars as they passed by

- In one of the craziest videos ever, a man was seen hanging onto the hood of an 18 wheeler while attacking the windshield while the 18 wheeler was driving on the highway trying to shake him off. He hung on for 9 miles before they were pulled over  

- A Burger King employee was killed after woman complains about long drive-thru line, and then gets her insane boyfriend to come meet her at the Burger King which he did and shot the drive thru worker in Orange County 

- Remember that twitter hack where Elon and Bill Gates told you to send them bit coins and all the blue check marks couldn't tweet for a few hours. It wasn't China it was a 17 year old Florida hacker

- Five people decided to get off their log on Splash Mountain when it was starting to sink despite Disney employees telling them to stay on and it's a good thing they did because the log sunk

- It's a trend this week, but in another crazy video a self proclaimed white supremacist whose pants are falling down slaps a waitress unconscious and then is violently subdued at a bar in Florida

- In an impressive display of determined partying a Florida man needed to be revived with Narcan and CPR twice in the same day with a hospital visit sandwiched in between

- A Florida man having a good time at one of his favorite bars was angered when he saw a child in a face mask inside the bar and that's why he approached him and made him take off his mask so he could spit in his face and tell him he now had COVID

- A Florida fisherman who was bitten by gator in the leg can now say he was also attacked by a shark and received 24 stitches in the same leg 

- We go through a bunch of voice mails and reviews

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