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The CFB World is BUZZING (+ Our First Family Fight On Air)

First of all: according to my podcast team, apparently I act like a 17 year old boy with how I answered one of the listeners questions. Ya, things got weird. We're also (allegedly) less than one month left until CFB starts and the news world is BUZZING. We run through all the news and notes, schedules and the player demands. 

And more importantly, we have a family feud play out on air. Is Brandon trying to phase Jack out with a new member of the pod? Was there almost another Devlin moment? Who almost hit who? 

Tune in to find out. 

Also on today's episode:
-If you could switch lives with any CFB player for a year... who would it be?
-UConn cancelling their season
-The Pac-12 players #WeAreUnited movement.
-How many players will opt out of the 2020 season? O/U
-The new schedules across the nation.
-RIP Harvey Updyke... but was he really THAT crazy?

See you next Thursday! 


0:00: Intro 

2:30: Our first fight? 

17:15: News from across the nation. 

1:00:50: Questions from Kayce's DMs.

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