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Section 10 Podcast Ep. 337: Vazquez Is The Moonman

Christian Vazquez is officially The Moonman. This guy is saving the Red Sox season one moonblast at a time and is very clearly the AL MVP right now. Today we talk about that 4-game Red Sox-Mets series and what we currently think of this team after the road team lost every game, this lineup potentially being pissed off that people were already down on the club so early in the season, why Ostrich and Hall Pass just need a little time to settle in, The Godfather being fully ready to dominate in the Bronx this weekend, a full breakdown of the Joe Kelly-Astros situation and why it's preposterous that he got an 8-game suspension, why more people should be talking about E-Rod's potential return, what trades the Red Sox could be looking to make in a deadline that will sneak up on some folks, and close with your phenomenal voicemails. Enjoy!