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We Gotta Believe #58: Misery Loves Company Featuring Coley Mick

Coley Mick of the Section 10 podcast joins the guys to recount the Mets/Red Sox misery of this week. Both franchises are in very different places, but in the same boat personnel-wise. We’ve lost ALL faith in Yo in the big spots, meanwhile Red Sox nation is ready to just pack it up and try to get picks for the future. The rosters and their problems are mirror images of each other right now, but the only difference is we have Jacob deGrom every 5th day. 

Will he actually win the Cy Young with 0 wins? This man has to be the nicest person on the planet to have not murdered this team over the last 2+ seasons. 

Rosario looks to be getting better, but not so fast my friends! Francisco Lindor is out there and looming in 2022, which means we have a new wish list-pickup for uncle Stevie. 

We ask a seasoned Porcello-watcher what we need to be on the look out for this season, but seeing as we have no pitching passed this year besides deGrom, we're completely ready to turn the page on everyone and start a new arms' race for the future. We didn’t want to be this wrapped up and invested in the team so quickly, but there’s glaring holes right now in the field and we gotta believe that the bullpen won’t last all season if we keep trotting out the same 3 guys every day.

Finally, we have a live reaction to Edwin Diaz shitting on the mound yet again last night as this season slowly gets away from us.