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Section 10 Podcast Ep. 336: Hell of a Start

336 section 10.jpeg

The 2020 Red Sox season has officially begun and they lost a series to the Orioles...not great. Today we talk where things went wrong this weekend, Martin Perez and Dylan Covey being expectedly awful, what happened with Eovaldi having two different jersey numbers during his impressive Opening Day start, why we can all be cautiously optimistic about Alex Verdugo's potential on this club, what the hell has been up with these lineups, Jose Iglesias being too good to be as available as he's been recently, what it would be like if Clay Buchholz returned to the Red Sox rotation, why sitting Xander Bogaerts to start the 2nd game of this short season is insanely moronic, hoping E-Rod makes a full recovery soon, the obvious reason why Roenicke doesn't want to use his challenges, the weird vibe on Lansdowne Street and we close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!