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Sailor Yells "Fuck Trump" In Uniform Which Is A Bad Idea

A US Navy sailor went viral this week for getting out of her car and yelling "Fuck Trump" at an anti-mask protest in California. That's all fine and good, but she was wearing her uniform like a big dummy, oh, and she also didn't even have HER mask on. That what we in the biz call being a "double dummy."

I'm sure by now everybody is familiar with DoD Instruction 1334.01 published in 2005, I practically never shut up about it. If you're not familiar, it basically tells military folks what they can and can't do in uniform. She did something that they are NOT allowed to do. If she just got out of her car in appropriate civilian attire she could have yelled "Fuck Trump" until her voice gave out. But she didn't, and now she is under investigation by the Navy. 

I guess she was just......salty.

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