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We Gotta Believe: The 2020 Corona Season Preview

New York Mets baseball officially kicks off today and the SECOND we started thinking positive, reality came and smacked us right in the face. Stroman tore his calf, Marisnick has a tight hammy, Gsellman tweaked his tricep, we brought back Juanny Beisbol and around and around we go. I don't know when the cuncel is coming, but KFC already has an itchy trigger finger. 

Dead Lowrie continues to rob the team of millions, our manager doesn’t have a clue, starting pitching is a mess, the bullpen is a question mark and WHY THE HELL IS ROBINSON CANO STILL BATTING 3RD!? The more things change, the more they stay the same. The only thing that matters in 2020 is Steve Cohen. Nothing else matters. Just keep the core healthy and move it along to 2021. 

Speaking of Uncle Stevie, the A-Rod group made a last ditch effort for the team by pushing a Cohen smear campaign, but it fell on deaf ears. We’re not here to win any humanitarian awards, we just want to win games-flat out. We know that it's a stretch to think this team can be a contender, but we gotta believe that they'll at least find new and interesting ways to rip our hearts out.