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Highly Caffeinated Navy SEALs

There were two Navy sailors who made the news this past week. One, a Navy SEAL, called a Coronado Island coffee shop "unsat" in a now viral rant and the other got some bones broken by police batons at a protest. The SEAL had us in the first half, not gonna lie, then he started using military terms to make his point and kinda lost us. The guy at the protest? He not only acted like nothing happened to his broken bones but took to Twitter asking people to attend Naval Academy wrestling matches. 

Round 1: CoronaKarenSeal gets super upset at a coffee shop and threatens to take his business to Starbucks where he’ll order a cold brew with as many shots of espresso as the Seal Team that he was on in 2009… that’s 7 shots of espresso because he was on Seal Team 7. 
Round 2: A young, fresh devil puppy makes me wet with his sleeves. That’s it. That’s the round. 
Round 3: We haven’t done this segment in a while but this was a worthwhile cause to bring it back. Badass of the Week makes a return to the podcast. 
Round 4: We aren’t gonna weigh too far into the political campaigns like we did in the last election cycle, but we will give our initial thoughts on some of the candidates in this race. 
Round 5: Coast Guard round-up!