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Talkin' Flyin' Cars

The Air Force is about to pay some nerds $10 million to make flying cars for them, or at least start talking about making flying cars for them. Nobody knows, because the Air Force can't just call something what it actually is. "A virtual trade show to explore concepts in the community of innovators?" Shut the fuck up, nerds. They'll probably call flying cars Personnel Extraction Networked Intelligence Systems and they'll cost a billion dollars each and then we will just go back to using helicopters anyway. 

ROUND 1: A National Guard employee was on a test-drive when they stopped their Humvee to assist a stalled vehicle, and for their good deed? They got robbed at gunpoint and left on the side of the road as thieves rolled out in said Humvee. 
ROUND 2: To all of our O-6 listeners out there, of which we’re sure are many, we’ve got bad news... Your promotions have been placed on hold by Senator Tammy Duckworth. But don’t worry we’ll still be using the officer voice on you. 
ROUND 3: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…. An airman getting ahead of all of us in traffic? That’s right, the Air Force is dropping big bucks on flying cars. 
ROUND 4: Quiz Time with Kate! 
ROUND 5: Chaps answers your questions about dogs.