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We Gotta Believe: Savior Stevie Cohen Is #BACK!

We’re right back where we started in December and boy does it feel great! It’s not that we don’t like the J-Rod group, it’s just that we know how much better life would be with uncle Stevie. Not only will he outbid any competition that dares show their face, but he will still have BILLIONS left over to make this team into a contender. There's legitimately no downside to this sale, unless of course you're that rat bastard, Jeff Wilpon. How mad do you have to be at someone to give away hundreds of millions of dollars? According to the New York Post, very mad. 

Sources are saying Stevie has got to come in at least $200 million higher than the next closest bidder, otherwise Jeff is selling to them. This silver-spooned scumbag has already cost his daddy and poor Saul Katz once, there's no way they let him do it again right? RIGHT!? Our only other hope is that the rest of the league's ownership steps in to force these clowns to take the max offer. 

As the usual voice of reason, I come up with worst case scenarios for how they could still manage to blow this, KFC makes his pitch to uncle Stevie for his "services" and a new war may be brewing between the Red Sox and Mets' faithful.  We don't know when the sale will ultimately happen, but we gotta believe that we'll be parading down the canyon of champions the second it does.

Now lets get HYPED because nothing else good seems to be going on in the world!

Now lets pray.