The Aftermath: Willie Defends The Title & Black Brandon Defends Himself. - 2Biggs

This week on 2Biggs, Willie and I address the criticism we've received over the title of our last episode. Willie apologizes to the Barstool employees who joined us last week that were blindsided by the title and the controversy that followed. I finally come out of hiding after El Presidente and I get into a 4th of July Twitter exchange that escalated quickly. “Do I think Dave is racist for quoting EDP? No. Do I think Dave is racist for quoting a Ja Rule song? No. Do I think there were racist ideologies pushed in that (2016) Kaepernick segment? Absolutely.” Dave’s radio interview on Barstool Chicago allowed me to understand exactly why he's so pissed off at me right now. After Willie and I attempt to clear the air with our co-workers, we try to make sense of the alleged relationship between Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and August Alsina. 

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