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TikTok Drama Breakdown, Kardashian Update + Ria’s Big Surprise

The world premiere of Blunt Thotty pt. 2 (4:54-15:12). Breaking down all the TikTok drama between Charli/Lil Huddy & Hype House/Sway House (20:49-38:44). Kanye's interview about running for President, Kourtney is “free” from KUWTK, Scott Disick & Sofia Richie reunite, Khloe & Tristan reportedly reconcile + Rob Kardashian is back (39:09-57:53). Chris Evans & Lily James dating (1:00:18-1:03:52). The Kissing Booth 2 trailer (1:04:25-1:12:45). Chad Johnson’s OnlyFans stunt + Cassie says her talk with Chris Harrison about Colton was highly edited (1:15:41-1:25:45).