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Section 10 Podcast Ep. 332: Aron Baynes

332 baynes.jpeg

SOGO IS BACK! Before we are joined by Suns big man Aron Baynes, we talk being excited that the Red Sox are back at Fenway today, potential slogans for this team, a "Have you ever heard of this guy before?" game, a shoutout to the Disabled List, not loving the "summer camp" tag that's on these Red Sox workouts and much more. Then with our interview with Baynes we discuss how he couldn't be more ready for the NBA season to resume in Orlando, how to best keep up a beard, how much fun it is playing with the young core in Phoenix, his favorite times he had while in Boston on the C's, how he got into basketball growing up in Australia, his takeaway from Tommy Heinsohn's 'He looks like all of Australia' in the shower line, top reactions to the 'Last Dance' documentary, biggest takeaways from winning a NBA title with the Spurs a year after losing in heartbreaking fashion to the Heat, how the Suns could beat the 10,000-1 odds and make the playoffs and more! Enjoy