Our worlds have collided straight up Costanza style and Dave Portnoy might buy the New York Mets. Mike Repole is joining ARod and JLo's super group and bringing his Vitamin Water/Body Armor money along with him. He may be a billionaire, but that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to uncle Stevie. If Straight Cash Cohen wants this team, not even Manfred can get in his way (he can but he's got enough bad press for one lifetime so he better not block it) 

Is baseball REALLY coming back? KFC and I are skeptical with corona which begs the question, would you rather baseball come back with no postseason or not come back at all? We also break down the universal DH, the Murder’s Row schedule of the new eastern division, abolishing west coast games for good and we finally give Pete Alonso the nickname that he deserves. 

We have no idea if baseball will be a thing this year, but we gotta believe that football season will save us if baseball gets cunceled.

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