Should Dave Send Me To Siberia?

We did some major episode goofin today where we just talked about whatever came up. It was a delight. The best part was getting to talk to SGT Jenna Burkert. She is a wrestler with the US Army World Class Athlete Program who is currently training to represent the US at the upcoming Olympics. Despite being able to whoop my ass, she was very nice to me. Best of all she invited me to Siberia where some major wrestling event is going to be held. Dave, I know you're reading this, just give me the thumbs up and I'll book the travel and you'll get the best damn Siberia content this company has ever seen. Come on, you let Clem go to Latvia, which might not even be a real place, for all we know he was in Wisconsin or some shit.

Kate is catching crabs on the Jersey Shore so Cons and I sat down for a throwback episode.

 -Will we be making a trip to Siberia soon?

 -Chaps got a second opinion for medical issues. 

-Army Sergeant and Olympic wrestler Jenna Burkert joins us 

-Will sports ever come back? 

Just a little platoon room goofin'. Join us.