The Navy Blew $13 Billion on Magnets

Hand up, I don't understand how magnets work. I'm on the record saying this multiple times. You don't understand how magnets work either, admit it, and save the comments calling me a fucking idiot for another day. Anyways, when the story came out that the Navy's new aircraft carrier, the Gerald R Ford, had a new magnet plane launchin system I was skeptical. Turns out I'm right, because it doesn't work. It is a $13,000,000,000 par 3 floating around the ocean at this point. Maybe one day it will work, I'm sure the Navy is calling in the best magnet doctors to fix it.

Round 1: They might be the best at social media but they aren’t doing the best at Navying. Their new weirdo systems that uses fucking magnets to launch planes off aircraft carriers is so far a 13 billion dollar failure. 

Round 2: West Virginia was in the news and it wasnt for burning couches. The Mountaineer state tactically acquired some tactical vehicles and people on twitter were nontahappy with it. Would you take an MRAP? We’ll chat it up in round 2. 

Round 3: Siberia Goofin! A Small town in Russia has reached its highest ever temperature. Why is that news? Well, because it is. 

Round 4: Connor interviewed candidate for Texas’ 7th Congressional District, Wesley Hunt, about his career as an Apache pilot and how he’s approaching campaigning amid coronavirus and turbulent times. 

Round 5: Can you imagine receiving the Medal of Honor and then have it taken away? That happened. We are gonna tell you about the only woman to ever receive the medal. Dr Mary Walker.