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Section 10 Podcast Ep. 330: Peanut Guy

330 peanut guy.jpeg

Today we are joined by our favorite Fenway Park peanut guy and vendor Sean Kelly. With Sean we talk how to survive the blazing hot games, how often vendors get a girl's number while working, how they know who is gonna be selling what before each game, who the GOAT peanut guy is in Fenway Park history, how people get drilled by peanuts every single game, the top celebrities he's seen at the park while working, he grades our 'PEANUTS!' calls and then leaves us with an awesome behind-the-scenes story from the David Ortiz 'This is our f*****g city' game. Outside of the interview we talk the latest updates on how baseball was so close to being back and now back to not being close to being back and wrap with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!