We Gotta Believe #52: Carlos Delgado Used To Drop LOADS But I Never Will Again

Apologies for the aggressive headline, but I needed to grab peoples' attention since KFC and I recorded We Gotta Believe on Friday right before I went in for my vasectomy and I was too preoccupied with my swollen balls the size of Jake deGrom's in Game 5 of the 2015 NLDS to remember to blog it. Luckily, nothing new happened over the weekend in MLB labor negotiations since the owners clearly want to drag their feet until a 50 game season is the only possibility. So now the members of Mets Fans Anonymous have something to listen to while running out the clock on this Monday. 

On this episode we discuss how I am getting ready for my vasectomy, which is fitting since rooting for the Mets is like getting your balls cut up 162 times a year, before delving into the latest on the potential ownership groups looking to buy the Mets, the broke boi Wilpons trying to get an extension on their $250 million loan, Phil Mushnick continuing his reign as the OG Sports Troll, and get into some Mets Misery Bracket which led us to breaking down just how RIDICULOUS it is that Carlos Delgado was wiped off the Hall Of Fame ballot after one year.

Some people may take those numbers with a grain of salt since they were put up in a time where middle infielders were juicing up and jacking out 40+ bombs a year. But Delgado was never pinched for steroids. It seems like Delgado's biggest fault was not being buddy buddy with assholes in the media like fuckface Mushnick and the other 24 guys on his teams being so bad that Delgado barely got any time to shine in the postseason. But the one year he did make the playoffs, he was probably the Mets best player.