Was Al Capone The Bill Clinton Of Mobsters?

My friend Large had me on his podcast 'Twisted History' this week to talk some Al Capone. We got into everything from him being allegedly worth $100 million dollars to Hoover being the guy that locked him up.

One thing that really stuck with me after reading the research (shout out Saint Anne) though is how he was at the right place at the right time by being the top mobster during the prohibition. Like could you imagine if they banned alcohol today? Or any vice for that matter? The underground market would be insane. For whatever reason it reminded me of the sentiment that Bill Clinton's America was thriving because of the invention of the internet.

I don't know if that makes complete sense or not, but it does in my brain at least.

I also said in the pod that I'd link the blog I wrote last year about his old house being for sale that had a trap door in the basement:

Give it a listen and thanks again to Large for having me on.