The Songbird Of Our Kids' Generation: Laurie Berkner Joins The Podfathers

After making her the unofficial voice of my beloved NC Dinos, the delightful and extremely talented Laurie Berkner joined The Podfathers to discusses how she became the songbird of our kids' generation, what she's doing now that the world is on lockdown, life as a public figure that's supposed to be wholesome, if she ever slept with Dennis Rodman, and Large pitches himself for her next music video. We then go through a list of topics including if Paw Patrol has been cancelled, my vasectomy getting pushed back again, if Howie Mandel has been rebuked or not, and dive back into the mailbag.

If you have any kids that love Laurie's music, make sure to buy tickets to her virtual concert this Sunday at 6 PM. It's the perfect Father's Day gift for dads since Laurie will be a virtual babysitter for your little gremlins for an hour or so while you get some peace and quiet.

Now play us out Laurie!

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