Ria Reveals The Shocking Details Of A Rare Disease That Left Her Immobile For A Year

Tried something a bit new with My Mom's Basement this week, where we sorta threw out the usual structure of the show, and just let the conversation flow and take us wherever, and I think it worked out tremendously! 

We discussed the fact that I got into my first car accident this weekend (totaled my mom's car), got into some funny edible stories (accidentally gave my mom edibles over quarantine), talked about Trent's criminal record, Ria's irrational fears, disc golf, and then Ria just hit us outta the blue with the fact that she had a disease that left her immobile for a year when she was little! She's all good now (obviously) but it really is a pretty crazy story so listen in to check that out. It's an incredibly fun time. 

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