Rob Manfred Dropped The HAMMER On New York Baseball

Apologies for misleading you guys a bit since Stormbreaker is clearly an axe and not a hammer. But I couldn't think of any better headline and GIF combo to describe how Manfred has destroyed baseball in New York by allowing this Wilpon charade to continue instead of just giving the franchise to Steve Cohen for a couple billion dollars. We now have Josh Harris and David Blitzer (owners of the Sixers and Devils) reportedly interested in buying the Mets, which based on Sixers fans who always have a sunny demeanor, would be only slightly better than the Wilpons. If Manfred allows this kind of shit to continue in Queens, it'll signal doom for the sport in a city that loves it since fans of the other New York baseball team that say they don't care about the Mets spent all of yesterday talking about the Mets on the anniversary of Luis Castillo's pop up since many of them only remember one World Series championship. 

Speaking of Yankees fans, KFC and I discuss Matt Harvey's potential interest in the KBO, the 86 Mets being the greatest team in sports history, Pete Crow-Armstrong already being the greatest player in baseball history, and Manfred potentially killing the 2020 season which ironically could be the thing that ends the Wilpons' Reign Of Terror which in turn would save baseball in New York.

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