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Blind Mike Sells Life Story in Major Book Deal; Movie Rights Rumors Rage

Celebrated disabled rights activist and noted humorist Michael "Blind Mike" Geary sold his life story on Friday to the Kirk Minihane Show, a podcast from Barstool Sports, in a major book deal that sent shockwaves through the publishing industry. 

The young comedian is set to make dozens of dollars in a deal one literary insider called "the Full Feitelberg." 

I Don't See It: The Blind Mike Story will follow Geary as he emerges from the obscurity of Western Massachusetts to create radio sensation "Dirty Mike and The Boys," has sex for the first time at age 19, fights Type-II diabetes, and tragically, but hilariously, loses more and more of his vision. Readers will learn, for the very first time, about Geary's controversial internship with Barstool Sports, what is was like to serve as Dave Portnoy's apprentice/business advisor, and why he rejected Portnoy's invitation to join the rest of the original Milford crew on the move to New York City. 

Geary's riveting 28-years stumble through life will leave readers wanting more Blind Mike -- and they'll get it, as Geary turns his penetrating wit outward, critiquing modern comedy's subservience to political correctness, the "woke" transformation of our political system, the post-modern capture of American academia, and what the future holds for emerging forms of media and technology. The visionless visionary will explore, as only he can, the tumultuous times of his age, as he strives to achieve brilliance while overcoming multiple physical disabilities. 

"Helen Keller got everything handed to her," Geary told me. "I earned what I got." 

It's J.D. Vance meets Jim Florentine, written by the Tocqueville of our times -- it's I Don't See It, available everywhere books are sold this Christmas season. 

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