Give Reggie Bush His Heisman Back (+Brandon Loses His GD Mind)

Well Brandon may have finally lost his shit... 

You definitely have to tune in to this week's episode to see what caused this outburst. It's really something. 

We dive into the news that USC is reunited with Reggie Bush... so is it time to give him the trophy back?? We also take your submissions on who should have their Heisman taken away. 

Also on today's episode:
-5 teams Brandon loves heading into the 2020 season
-5 teams Brandon hates heading into the 2020 season
-What is brought up more on the pod: Dak's 2014 season or Johnny Manziel's Heisman season?
-Brandon's internet cut out halfway through, which gave us some awesome entertainment.
-Dabo Swinney's week
-A surprising Big 10 team

See you next Thursday!


0:00: Intro 

6:24: News & notes from around the college football world 

21:55: 5 teams Brandon loves & 5 teams Brandon hates heading into the 2020 season. 

41:00: Hot takes from the Roughnecks universe! 

58:10: Welcome back, Reggie!