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How did Blair Walsh's Vikings Teammates React After His Missed Chip Shot vs. Seattle in the 2015 Playoffs?

It was a classic game. 2015 playoffs. Wild Card Round. The #3 seed Vikings had won the NFC North and were hosting the #6 seed Seahawks. Minnesota's home field was outdoors and home field advantage was being felt by 50,000+ in the stands. It was the third coldest game in NFL history at -6 degrees at kickoff with a -25 degree windchill. Hand warmers and free coffee were provided to fans during the game. 

The Vikings led 9-0 at halftime, but the Seahawks stormed back in the 2nd half with a touchdown and field goal to go up 10-9. The Teddy Bridgewater-led Vikings drove down the field and got into field goal range with 22 seconds remaining. But Blair Walsh, who had made three field goals earlier in the day missed a 27 yarder wide left and the season was over.

We talked with Vikings stud Safety Ant Harris about that loss and how the team felt about Blair Walsh before and after that fateful kick.

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